“Strolling around the streets of downtown, a few days ago, I was captured by a face. I stumbled across those perfect features that I had tried to remove in vain – I felt something tighten inside me, the still fresh wound split apart, like a wet canvas, right there, at my chest, where I needed space to breathe – I lost myself for a while observing those, for me, celestial features.

I was so accustomed to the profound analysis of everything around me that not understanding the cause of it, made me fragile and unstable.

Perhaps it was the fault of that last glass – just one – that deceived my eyes, my perception of what you mean to me.

Or perhaps it was simply that feverish desire at night – that unrewarding desire to discover your features in another woman.

Perhaps my ego felt the need of a bit of that warmth that only your smile managed to transmit, painting a bright and vivid yellow tone to the indefinite gray of my existence … “